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Email Security

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Spam Protection

Mailcircuit revolutionized the anti spam industry with the first 100% Spam Free Email Service using the Challenge and Response technique. Today we pride ourselves on utilizing leading edge systems that deliver less spam and with less hassle for the average email hosting customer.

MailCircuit uses a multi-tiered approach to filtering unwanted junk and virus-ridden email. Sophisticated RFC compliancy verification systems placed at the perimeter of the mail exchange infrastructure detect and reject mail destined to MailCircuit accounts which: contain invalid header information; connect from “spam sources;” and/or do not follow standard protocol and communication procedures during message handoff. Messages which appear to come from valid sources and comply with all standard protocol requirements are then passed to MailCircuit’s anti-virus cluster.

This cluster, powered by ClamAV™, contains the latest virus definition files and scanning engines (updated 24 times per day, or once per hour) to ensure the virus outbreaks are contained immediately upon receipt of virus signatures. Message attachments and body content is scanned for various viruses, as well as rogue HTML or scripting code within the body of the message that may invoke security vulnerabilities within web applications and desktop mail utilities.

All messages passing virus scanning mechanisms are then processed by our anti-spam cluster. This cluster, powered by SpamAssassin™, contains an intricate, highly modified set of spam signatures, content rules and body verifications. Using a scoring algorithm, the system automatically determines the status of the message (spam or valid) and the message is then processed and delivered to the user based on their junk mail control preferences.

Server-Side Spam Controls

Multiple RBL Lookups: MailCircuit blocks mail from any sender that is on the MailCircuit Real-time Blackhole List. MailCircuit’s RBL list is built in real-time as our user community marks messages as spam. Algorithms to ensure false positives are reduced automatically determine if a sender (IP based) should be added to the list, and for what duration. In addition to custom RBLs, MailCircuit utilizes commercially available RBLs such as SpamCOP to provide additional layers of protection.

Relay Blocking: MailCircuit does not operate as an open relay server, preventing third-parties from using our servers to deliver spam. Complete Header Inspection: MailCircuit inspects all message headers to ensure that users are not spoofing the headers to push through mail. Advanced Heuristics Engine and Content Scanning: The system looks for modified headers, repetition of certain words, and compares messages to other known spam messages for similarity. Heuristics help to block messages that may get past an BL list, since spammers frequently change URLs.

Client Side Spam Controls

Filtering Stringency: Users and Enterprises can set their own spam filtering stringency levels, allowing them to realize their own optimal balance between minimizing false-positives delivered to the Junk Mail folder and minimizing spam in the Inbox.

Embedded Image Suppression: MailCircuit allows users to disable the display of inline messages and to suppress the display of embedded images while viewing email, effectively negating two primary methods used by spammers to identify valid email addresses.

White/Black Listing: Users and Enterprises can also create their own White “Safe” Lists and Black “Block” Lists to individually classify message senders or even entire domains as spam or “not spam.” Sender Trending: Sender trending tracks the Spam Assassin scores for users’ regular correspondents, keeping a historical average of the sender and adjusting users’ Spam score thresholds accordingly. This feature assists in reducing false-positives.

Spam Routing: Users may choose to have messages which have been flagged as spam either delivered to their Junk Mail folder, or noted as spam in the subject line and delivered to their Inbox. This latter option is of particular value to POP3 users, who may otherwise be unaware of false positives which have been delivered to their Junk Mail folder.

Virus Protection

MailCircuit uses the ClamAV server-side virus scanning system that actively scans each message before it reaches a user’s inbox, preventing hundreds of thousands of viruses from reaching MailCircuit users each week. Virus patterns are retrieved and loaded automatically every hour. Cleaning Files: If a message contains a file with a parasitic virus, or some other virus that can be removed from an otherwise useful file, the system will first attempt to clean the file. Stripping Viruses: If a message contains a file that is a Trojan Horse virus, or some other virus that contains no valuable information, the system will strip the virus from the email, and deliver the clean email to the user with a text document attached letting the user know what events occurred.


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Collaborate and share calendars and create global contact’s to increase the productivity of your staff.

Shared Calendar

Mailcircuit’s inbuilt Groupware Calendar allows staff to seamlessly share events, tasks and address-book data with users on the system. Use the Mailcircuit Webmail Calendar or connect your desktop client such as Apple iCal, Thunderbird, or Outlook with a CalDAV plugin.


  • A global calendar can be created which notifies all respective personnel of meetings and important events.
  • Create a shared calendar for sales and support teams, and distribute important events and scheduling data with your organization.
  • Permission level settings are provided, enabling the owner of a calendar to enable or restrict the recipient’s ability to modify and access the data.

Shared Contacts

The Mailcircuit Shared Contacts can be used across any organization from a micro to enterprise level organization to increase productivity through collaboration and better communication.

A global calendar can be used to inform staff of important events and group meetings.

These contacts are for individual employee contacts accessible only to that staff member.

The Shared address book is ideal for smaller groups or teams such as sales teams or small groups.


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Easily sync your email, calendar, and contacts across your mobile and desktop using Mobile Push. Mailcircuit Mobile Push currently supports: Email, Calendar and Contacts Push. Wherever you go with mobile push your email is pushed to your mobile device or laptop instantly using Mailcircuit.

Auto Config

MailCircuit Supports Auto Configuration for your Mobile and Desktop Applications.

Contact Synchronization

All of your contacts are automatically pushed to your other devices. For example if you add a contact on your Blackberry® or iPhone®, Mailcircuit will automatically push that contact to your desktop or laptop and vice versa.

The Mailcircuit push support system works without any additional software and is fully supported as a core feature.

CalDAV Support

Mailcircuit now fully supports CalDAV for calendaring data. This allows you to rollout an open-protocol calendaring solution, and enable support direct to mobile devices.

Don't wait any longer to get a secure solution that is yours!

Secure Storage

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Data Security and Privacy is becoming more and more of a concern. As Big Tech begins the next evolution of growth data breaches of your personal information is becoming much more prevalent. These data breacher are not necessarily just from hackers, but from the very service providers you trust. Some of these providers are the largest providers in the world, such as:

Google | Facebook | etc

The list goes on and on and while we are not trying to defame anyone the mis-use of your personal data is real!

MailCircuit circumvents this by offering a 100% completely secure “At Rest” file data store that we can not even access!

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Dedicated Cloud Email Services and Reseller Platform

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MailCircuit offers a unique Dedicated Cloud Email Hosting Service, unlike our shared Business Email Hosting Platform, a Dedicated Email Hosting Instance allows you to have 100 complete control of your services with a Multi-Tenant Platform that will allow you to:

  • A completely private labeled solution from our Support Documentation to the MX Records and everything in between!
  • Resell Email Hosting Services under your own brand.
  • Completely Configure the Email Instance as you see fit for your business or customers.
  • Greater Flexibility

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We Create and Handle your Secure Email Communications So You Can Focus On Your Business

MailCircuit understands how important your Email Communications are. When we first started in this space in the 1990’s Email Communications was still in its Infancy, today Email is a standard in Communications. Our networks, software and attention to detail provide an unsurpassed Communications Platform that is Secure and Reliable.

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MailCircuit offers a high performance web ui that is built in Ajax which give desktop functionality that is fully responsive for any screen. Unique caching mechansims give extremely fast page loads.

Key user features
  • Fast and Responsive
  • Address autocompletion
  • ‘Drag and drop’ message moving and copying
  • Process multiple concurrent messages using tabs or popup windows
  • Allows sending of HTML formatted messages from any browser
  • Messages are automatically saved as drafts in background
  • Keyboard shortcuts for most email processing operations
  • Automatic image downsizing when emailing large images
  • Attachment upload in the background while continuing to edit email
  • Audio notification when new mail arrives
  • Support for collapsible, nested folders
  • Improved support for of display of HTML messages
  • Ability to mark messages as unread
  • Relogin to timed out sessions without losing messages you are currently editing
  • Fast indexed searching based on message subject / to / from
  • Labels support for flexible tagging and email message organization
Key Administration Features
  • Support for multiple sessions on the same account
  • Easy to customize
  • Customizable at the global, domain or MailCircuit user group level
  • Lower bandwidth usage
  • Proper message redirect, as well as forward and forward(attach)
  • Ability to add advertising banners
  • Extend and customize without modifying core interface templates
  • Shared address books, and external LDAP or MailCircuit user database address book support
  • Proper support for international character sets (multiple concurrently)
  • Global Language Support with samples of 26 different languages
  • English UK and English US language support
Multi-Screen Support
Ajax: Fast responsive for faster computers – particularly on higher latency network connections
Basic: A traditional HTML interface for older computers
Mobile: An XHTML interface for small screen browsers

The Ajax interface is the primary interface and uses modern web2 / ajax techniques to do much of the communication with the server in the background so that you do not have to wait for the server to respond to each request. You do need a relatively modern computer (approx less than 5 years old) to make effective use of the Ajax interface or it will appear sluggish as the client side processing will be slower than the server roundtrip delays. In the case of older computers it is recommended that the Basic (HTML) interface be used. The Mailcircuit Basic interface is much faster than the equivalent old Webmail HTML templates.

Our Hosted Network

MailCircuit prides itself on its Network an hosted infrastructure, a completely secure environment with privacy and security at the utmost in standards.


We boast a multi-layered network that has no single point of failure.

On and Off Premise

Our on premise solutions provide a redundant mirror into our network. This configuration allows you to host your Email locally with the added peace of mind knowing your on-premise solution is hosted in a fault tolerant scenario that can optionally mirror to your private instance within our Network. With the added layer of “At Rest” one way encryption your data is secured both On and Off Premise.

Any-Cast DNS

MailCircuit uses a fault tolerant, load balanced Any-Cast DNS service for all of our solutions, providing a multi-layered geographic fault tolerant switching mechsism.

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MC Shared – Shared platform is multi-tiered with High Availability and can host single to multiple domains per customer.
MC Dedicated Cloud – Fully Functional platform with multi-domain, multi-tenant capabilities, great for Dedicated Security Configurations and White-Labeled Resellers.
MC Premise – on-premise solution that comes in the form of an appliance. It offers the same robust features as our Dedicated Cloud and has multiple configurations.

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